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The Origin

Mongia Green is an initiative of the Mongia Group of Industries which have led the iron & steel industries of Jharkhand & Bihar since 1997 under the flagship brand Mongia Steel. Mongia Steel is the largest manufacturer & distributor of TMT bars & steel pipes in the Jharkhand & Bihar region.

Mongia Green was incorporated in the year 2013. Set up as a Trust, Mongia Green is dedicated to championing and advocating social upliftment of tribal communities across the country and the underpriviledged sections of our society in the areas of health, education, livelihood development, as well as socio-economic and socio-psychological development.

From The Chairman

The economic success story that our country has seen over the last two decades is nothing short of remarkable. But in this narrative of change for betterment, certain elements of our rendition for development has bred systemic inequities in our society and had, even, posed some serious question marks over the state of our society and environment.

We as sentient citizens and responsible organizations must now band together to address that dichotomy and bring in “inclusiveness” and “sustainability” within the purview of our “development paradigm” and make that an indispensable strand in a way we do our business. Mongia Foundation champions a brand of CSR that not only spells commitment towards the integration of social and economic value added solutions but also to the integration of environmental challenges and psychological challenges.

When it comes to making such real and perceptible differences on a greater scale, we believe it is imperative that individuals, organizations and industries come together on a common platform to herald a “more equal and inclusive” and varied stakeholdership of the society. Seeking excellence in our CSR commitments will facilitate the growth of this sentiment across the larger business fraternity, governments, NGOs and the society at large.

Let us join hands and raise our level of CSR commitments to the pinnacle.

Dr. Gunwant Singh Mongia
Chairman Mongia Green


Dr. Gunwant Singh Mongia, Chairman
Founder & Chairman of the Mongia Group of Industries. Dr. Mongia is one of the most respected and leading industrialists of India, based out of Jharkhand. He is involved in a range of social work both as an individual and as the Chairman of Mongia Green and recognised as one of the leading philanthropists of the country.

Mr. Harinder Singh Mongia, Hon. Director
Director, Mongia Steel Limited. A graduate of the Lancaster University, UK, Mr. Harinder Singh is leading manufacturing innovations and products in Mongia Steel Limited. He is an eternal enthusiast in the work of uplifting the lives of the underprivileged sections of the society and has been doing a great deal over the last few years.

Mrs. Avneet Kaur, Advisor
Holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management from the prestigious Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi, Mrs. Avneet Kaur is a forerunner in the cause of social upliftment of tribal communities and in rural developmental work. She has been organising a lot of initiatives as an individual and also as an Advisor of Mongia Green over the last few years.

Mr. Dipanjan Banerjee, Advisor
Brand & Media Specialist. Mr. Dipanjan Banerjee has an illustrious career in media in leading business and programming functions in premier radio channels as well as in consulting companies on branding and media strategies. He brings in cutting-edge cause marketing knowledge and his zeal for social work to Mongia Green.

Ms. Surabhi Raj Ekka, Project Manager
Ms. Surabhi Raj Ekka is an alumnus of the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Science with 8+ years of in-depth experience in social welfare and development. She has worked in organisations like CII, Smile Foundation, Cure International, and Sector Skill Councils in different areas such as child development, medical social work, and skill development.

We only have what we give, and nothing else

Our Heart Print

What do we want to change?

In spite of the remarkable progress in economic development over the last two or three decades in India, the country still lacks significantly in overall social development. Although a significant proportion of the population has been lifted from poverty, we still have a very long way to go to ensure that the fruits of our economic success reach every strata and section of our society.

We still have many battles and wars to win to uplift all and ensure that everyone gets access to the healthcare, education, livelihood, and income that they need in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. To be a developed country, we need to ensure that everyone smiles, together.

We want to change the mindset with which socio-economic development is approached by individuals, institutions, and the Government. The mindset, predominantly dwelling on the concept of charity, often fails to bring the good to everyone comprehensively. In many cases, many initiatives for socio-economic development becomes short term and merely remain a mean for self-gratification. So while money is spent, but the benefits fail to bring in sustainable changes.

We want to change the fundamentals in the mechanism of socio-economic development and upliftment of tribal communities and the underpriviledged sections of the society. By innovating models and incorporating cutting-edge technologies and management sciences, we want to change the way we participate in socio-economic and socio-psychological development, both as an individual or as a group.

What do we want to be?

A forerunner in the process of socio-economic and socio-psychological development by innovating newer, more efficient, and more effective mechanisms for ensuring that everyone gets adequate access to healthcare, education, livelihood, and earning opportunities.

We want to be a change maker who integrates emerging and futuristic technologies with contemporary and future focused managerial techniques to uplift tribal communities and the underpriviledged sections of the society.

What do we want to do?

Project Santushti
Santushti is a project for the children from tribal and economically backward communities in villages with the twin aims to provide supplementary nutrition through a simple meal of egg, milk, and banana and also to provide out-of-school tuition.

Support to build education infrastructure, residential facilities for educational institutions, academic quality improvement, pedagogical research, training of educators, as well as aiding in girl child education, adult education, and higher education by organising special initiatives and providing scholarships.

Support to build healthcare infrastructure and facilities, support to procure healthcare equipment, organising community healthcare services, aiding in building of infrastructure for water purification and sanitation.

Skill Development
Championing an array of skill development programs to improve employability of the youth – communication ability, leadership ability, emotional ability, creative abilities, ability to innovate and improvise, respect for cultural diversity, ethics, practical competencies, global mindset and awareness, inquisitive mindset for lifelong learning.

Livelihood and Income Generation
Support to various livelihood and income generation schemes, providing training for entrepreneurship, support to entrepreneurs with insights on product development, marketing, finance, and resource management.

Tribal & Rural Development
Supporting rehabilitation initiatives, initiatives for tribal community development and mainstreaming, social upliftment, infrastructural support for rural development.

Supporting schemes for water conservation, waste management, tree plantation, afforestation, alternative energy generation, and various other green initiatives.

Giving sees the need, not the cause

Our Foot Print

Tribal & Rural Development

Tribal & Rural Development
We have been involved in rehabilitation and mainstreaming of the Birhor community since 2009. Birhor community has been listed as an endangered tribe by the Jharkhand Government. On an average, our outgo is approximately Rs. 55 lac/annum in this area.

Project Santushti
Santushti is a project for the children from tribal and economically backward communities in villages with the two aims-

a. Provide supplementary nutrition
Provide supplementary nutrition to village children through a simple meal of egg, milk, and banana – essential foods which, unfortunately, most tribal children and the children from other economically backward sections of the population in the villages of Jharkhand and many other States miss in their daily meals.

b. Provide out-of-school tuition
Provide out-of-school tuition to tribal children as well as to the children from other economically backward sections of the population in the villages of Jharkhand to improve the overall learning outcome and thereby aiding in reducing school drop-outs

We have been active in:
* Adopting children of the Birhor community – this involves funding of their education, clothes, nutritious diet, primary healthcare, and all other essential needs as well as help them access various developmental and welfare schemes of the Government.
* Maintaining a hostel for Birhor community youth in Ranchi with free accommodation, food, clothing, education, and life coaching.
* Sponsoring higher studies of meritorious students from various tribal communities.
* Sponsoring various welfare schemes for tribal communities.

Skill Development & Education

Skill Development
We organise skill developmental programs for students, entrepreneurs, and home makers to enhance their livelihood and income generation opportunities. On an average, our outgo is approximately Rs. 48 lac/annum in this area.

We are in the process of establishing one of the finest higher education institutions of the country which will offer new-age and futuristic curriculum as well as pedagogy benchmarked with the world’s best. Supported by renowned academicians, this institution will harbinger a completely new approach to higher education. We have earmarked a budget of approximately Rs. 9.5 crore for this project for the year 2021-22.

Healthcare & Other Work

We regularly organise primary healthcare camps across the State and also support community healthcare projects.

Other Public Services
We sponsor unlimited number of road barricades to the Traffic Police Department of Jharkhand and Bihar to ensure road safety. We have been also involved in city beautification projects in Giridih, Jharkhand. Our outgo is approximately Rs. 20 lac/annum in these areas.

Giving is the best way of being human

Our Future Print

Adoption of Technologies

Adoption of existing & emerging Technologies
We are working on to formulate strategies and plan implementation to source, adopt, and apply various existing and emerging Information and Computing Technologies to bring in service and process level innovations in the field of non-profit enterprise operations.

The aim is to make our operations more efficient, better compliant to process quality standards, more effective in terms of achieving project objectives, and more transparent to cater to all queries of the stakeholders, statutory agencies, and regulatory organisations.

Identify Unfulfilled Needs

Identify, Define, and Address Unfulfilled Needs
We are conducting studies to identify community development needs which might have been unfulfilled or might have been addressed in a way which leaves areas of improvement.

We have a dynamic process to identify and define needs through qualitative studies and also formulate strategies and implementation plans to address issues and provide solutions to fulfil the needs. Our studies are mainly focused on tribal and community development in Jharkhand now but we aim to scale up to all India level within a period of 2 years and to international level within a period of 5 years.

Expand the Horizon

Expand The Scopes of Reaching
We are in the process to redefine the scopes of reaching various groups of people with different and unique needs. Although remarkable work is being done in almost all conceivable areas of social, community, family, and individual needs, there are many individuals and groups with unique needs which are largely unfulfilled or fulfilled in ways which often lacks empathy and compassion.

There are many social needs which are being typically addressed by the for-profit sector. This often leads to malpractices in relation to various vulnerable groups, specially in areas which are not well regulated.

The only purpose of giving is to gift a smile



We Only Have What We Give
Because when we give, we seed the future – for individuals, for families, for communities, and for the nation at large. We do not take any of our material wealth with us when we die but our good deeds stay on, bearing at the core the best gift we can give – that is of empathy and compassion.

Giving is being human; giving is the best form of prayer. Our fulfilment of being human comes when we live for others, when we help others smile.

Although, at Mongia Green our outgo is going to touch a figure of approximately Rs. 11 crore in year 2021, we believe that to achieve our goals of adopting technologies as well as reaching larger number of beneficiaries and reaching groups of people who are largely kept out of the scope of non-profit domain, we need significant participation from corporate organisations, institutions, and individuals.

Please mail to: ceo@mongiagreen.org to check out what opportunities you have to give and participate in changing lives. We have a process of keeping a separate account for the fund you give. Please contact at the above email address to know how.


Be A Social Entrepreneur
Do you have a unique idea to address a social issue or solve a social problem in a unique way? Have you studied the issue/ problem in-depth? Do you have the basic project plan ready? Do you want to support an underpriviledged or vulnerable group in some way? Write to us today at: ceo@mongiagreen.org . We will get back to you and find out how we can support you.

Strategic Partnerships with Corporate Enterprises
We believe that to achieve bigger goals of reaching and benefitting various underpriviledged and vulnerable groups across the country and also internationally by leveraging our existing associations and access to various institutions, strategic partnerships with corporate organisations will work wonders.

If you are managing a corporate organisation’s CSR initiatives, we would like to talk with you and discuss how we can align our objectives and work together to make this world a better place for all. Please write to: ceo@mongiagreen.org

Partnership With Institutions and Non-Profit
If you are an institution or enterprise in non-profit and are looking to work in the States of Jharkhand and Bihar, we can help you with our existing associations and access to various State level stakeholders. We can help you in project execution and in all on-ground assistance. Please write to: ceo@mongiagreen.org

Work with Us

Full Time Opportunities
We are looking for competent and experienced individuals who are driven by a passion to make a run for achieving goals which may look to be big, aggressive, revolutionary, and audacious by ordinary mortals.

If you are looking to work with ideas and plans which are incredibly disruptive and life changing, then write to us today. Write to ceo@mongiagreen.org with a brief note on the accomplishments / achievements so far in your career as well as your future aspirations. Do not forget to attach your latest CV as well.

We are looking for people in the following roles:
* Project Managers & Executives - Field Operations
* Project Managers - Fundraising and Partnerships
* Marketing Communication Manager
* Android Developers
* Digital Business Manager
* Educational Research Officers
* Administration Executives

The only purpose of giving is to gift a smile


Experience Our Work

We are implementing Project Santushti in the villages of Baksidih and Magrodih in Giridih. We are also involved in Livelihood Training program. We have recently launched an Oxygen interim relief centre near to our factory and also at the Bar Association building at Giridih in association with Bar Council. Experience our journey.

Walk Through

You can watch the videos which capture glimpses into our work for Project Santushti, for the Livelihood training programs, and Corona Care, awareness, oxygen bed, and home isolation kit distribution efforts. We are actively involved in disseminating awareness about corona and vaccination in various villages around Giridih.


Local and regional media across Giridih have covered our efforts in supplementary nutrition projects, livelihood training programs, and most recently in the corona awareness dissemination, oxygen relief centres, and corona home isolation kit distribution efforts. You can see various news and understand the efforts we are making.